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Love Yourself Coaching is a growing community that offers new and experienced coaches, circles of support, to build your business without fear and overwhelm. It can be done!

“I am Helen Burton, ACC, CEC, Founder of Love Yourself Coaching and I understand your frustration! I have walked in your shoes and together as a community, we can help you!”

Helen Burton, Owner of Love Yourself Coaching, Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC) and graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Helen has been a coach for over eight years and knows what it takes to grow a business. She has helped many individuals create businesses that allow them to do what they love. The Love Yourself Coaching Community was created because whenever Helen had conversations with other coaches they were complaining about not having clients, feeling alone and confused. She also felt the same way. We didn’t know how to launch a business, let alone earn money from it! Today, Love Yourself Coaching supports over 100 coaches at all stages of growth. Wherever you are in your business, it is a perfect time to join our community. We have several ways for you to get involved and receive the type of support you need to achieve your goals.


What makes Love Yourself Coaching Unique?

Helen Burton, ACC, CEC, Founder of Love Yourself CoachingLove Yourself Coaching is a special community designed for coaches who finally want to own a profitable business and be a masterful coach. No where will you receive this type of support, accumulate your ICF credits, get a client, earn income and have access to current business building workshops, that will bring you and your business forward. As a member of the Love Yourself Coaching Community, you have access to:

  • A Client (and get paid!)

  • A Coach

  • ICF Credit Hours

  • Small Group Coaching Calls

  • Business Building Workshops



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How Do I Get Started?

Select which Love Yourself Coaching Support Circles fits your needs. Facilitated virtually, each Circle is structured to expand coaching skills, build self-confidence and instill accountability and deliver successful business practices.

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Morning Circle:


Wake-up and Take Action!Wake-up and Take Action! Jumpstart your week and stay on task for your ultimate business or personal goals! If you lack focus, this is the dose of motivation you need to keep yourself in action, all week long. If you need accountability, your support team will not let you stray from your business intentions. This Circle meets virtually once a week and the group sizes are intimate. Circles are facilitated by Helen Burton.

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Coaches’ Coaching Circle:


Coaches’ Coaching CircleThis is the easiest way to accumulate credits toward your ICF Certification while you build the confidence you need to be a leader in your market. As a member, you will immediately begin working with a client. You will also be assigned a coach who will help you develop the areas of your coaching business that needs strengthening and explore personal issues to create a beautiful lifestyle. As a Coaches’ Coaching Circle Member, you will have access to monthly experts who will speak on topics needed to build a prosperous business.

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Each Circle will help you make positive, lasting changes in your business. Love Yourself Coaching is a Community to give the support you need to get past feeling stuck and frustrated. Love Yourself Coaching is all about ‘LOVING YOURSELF’ while building a successful coaching business.

Yes! I want to be a Prosperous Coach.

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